Solution de control d'access reseau
  • About NetShield Network Access Control

    Many companies today are focusing on securing their organization from threats that exist outside the perimeter of their network by using firewalls and IDS/IPS systems. But most of today's biggest threats are not coming from outside the company, but from within. The NACwall appliances from NetShield are designed to protect networks from the inside-out. Access control and security of the internal network are therefore become two priorities of companies.

  • Description of module

    The NACwall appliances from NetShield are designed to protect networks from the inside-out - helping track, control, block and alert against all devices and network access. Quickly and easily deployed, these appliances will help you secure your internal assets, audit these endpoints for CVE - common vulnerabilities and exposures, detect and block zero-day malware and advanced persistent threats.

    Detect every device that comes and goes on your network. Create and control a trust list of all those you want to allow on your network. Alert emails, cell phone pages, syslog and SNMP traps are sent when trusted devices have holes, or new (zeru-day) malware or when rogue devices are plugged in. Block those that you don't want when a trusted n the network or want ohen a trusted device attempts to access a restricted VLAN.

    Key features : Détecter - Controler - Alerter - Bloquer

    • Automatic Network Fingerprinting
    • Patented Alerting and Quarantining System
    • Dynamic Detection of Rogue Devices
    • Agent-less Active Directory (AD) Integration
    • Agent-less Zero-day Malware Detection
    • Agent-less Vulnerability (CVE) Detection
    • Regulatory Compliance Audits:VISA/PCI, GLBA, HIPAA, NERC/FERC, etc.
    • Improved Asset Manufacturer Recognition
    • VLAN Restriction using 802.1q not 802.1x
    • Enterprise Command Center to make management of distributed environments point-and-click simple and cost-effective
    • Agent-less RSA enVision® Integration
    • Non-inline, Out-of-band Technology
    • Daily Cloud-based Updates Service covering new threats, vulnerabilities (CVEs) and assets
    • Confidential, Customer Controlled

    Benefits :

    • Improved Network Security
    • Automates Compliance Reporting
    • Keeps The Auditors Off Your Back
    • Stops New Threats, Instantly
    • Alerts You Only When There Are Problems
    • Keeps You Up to Date Automatically
    • Finds Holes and Helps You Fix Them
    • No Forklift Upgrades Necessary
    • Don't Change Your Network Infrastructure

    NetShield offers a range of appliances sized according to the number of IP equipment to control. The range of Nano 25 to control up to 25 devices IP (for agencies, deported offices) until the company box that manages 5000 equipments.