EasyVista Service Appstore

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EasyVista Service AppStore

EasyVista Service AppStore offers IT the flexibility necessary to deliver services to each and every customer in a way that resonates with them. Whether you are trying to interface with your existing third party systems (e.g. Director Services, ERP, HR, CRM, ITSM, etc.) or even custom built in-house portals and applications, EasyVista Service Apps can unify your enterprise services into a single, simple user interface. It’s so easy that it even allows business departments to build or modify their applications based on patterns delivered out-of-the-box by EasyVista or their IT department.

EasyVista Service AppStore is the only consumerized enterprise service management platform that allows organizations to design and build service workflows with zero coding. After all, services change, and enterprises need simple but robust platforms that allow them to adapt without having to employ an army of programmers.


    One size does not fit all when it comes to the self-service shopping experience. With EasyVista’s Service App Store you are no longer tied to a cookie-cutter IT self-service portal or service catalog. Create self-service portals, service catalogs or IT Storefronts that are brandable and can be embedded in any website or existing intranet portal. The flexibility to fully configure a one-stop-shop website with a service catalog, chat/video/audio interactions, important customer facing metrics, knowledge articles, social media feeds, software on demand and any other IT or non-IT service related action is available with EasyVista’s Service App Store.


    Human Resource departments receive and manually process an extensive number of employee requests each day. At the same time, employees expect consumerized self-service with instant fulfillment of every request. EasyVista makes delivering HR services easier than ever before. Imagine the ability to automate and manage new hires, terminations, time-off requests and benefit requests. EasyVista arms HR professionals with the tools necessary to design and automate an efficient service delivery process using an HR Service Catalog. HR becomes more responsive and employees get what they need quickly.


    The delivery of facilities services often times requires consistent and repeatable processes. However, this is difficult to implement when relying on spreadsheets, email and homegrown databases to manage requests. Applying the same ITIL principles used for IT Service Management to facilities workflow will help institute a single point of contact for facilities requests, automate processes for handling requests and provide visibility into department activities. EasyVista for Facilities and Maintenance management will allow you to manage the routine maintenance of lighting, clocks and fire alarms, manage service requests for repairs and office furniture, as well as provide tools to manage projects and share activity reports and trends.


    Regardless of the type of services you are delivering, you can easily manage client requests with EasyVista. The marked similarity between IT processes and non-IT processes, from submitting a request, accepting the request, verifying the entitlement, gathering approvals, fulfilling the request and verifying the successful fulfillment with full audit trails, tracking and reporting, makes extending EasyVista to non-IT processes a no-brainer. With EasyVista’s Service App Store you will design an interface that is perfect for providing Point of Service support to your external customers.