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Industry-Leading Secure Web Gateway

The industry-leading secure web gateway


Get world-class threat protection backed by Blue Coat's real-time WebPulse Collaborative Defense, including the industry’s only Negative Day Defense, and more than 75 million users globally.

ProxySG appliances are part of the Unified Security solution, and provide complete control over all your web traffic—with robust features that include user authentication, web filtering, data loss prevention, inspection, and visibility of SSL-encrypted traffic (including the ability to stream decrypted content to an external server with an Encrypted Tap license), content caching, bandwidth management, stream-splitting and more.

Presenting Encrypted TAP For ProxySG

Encrypted Tap is a licensable feature for the ProxySG that gives you complete visibility into HTTPS or SSL-encrypted web traffic. This extension can selectively decrypt SSL traffic according to your policies, and hand-off that decrypted network traffic to third-party logging systems for analysis, archiving, and forensics.

The Encrypted Tap solution is an integral component to any encrypted management strategy, and offers essential visibility into encrypted web traffic and its hidden potential threats without requiring the re-architecting of the network infrastructure. The solution lets you easily add SSL inspection capabilities to your existing secure web gateway and close the security visibility loophole created by encrypted traffic.

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