BlueCoat Cacheflow

Solution de control d'access reseau

CacheFlow 5000 is a new appliance-cache Blue Coat dedicated to Internet access providers and focused on savings of large-scale bandwidth.

This new appliance meets the high demands associated with Web 2 .0, to rich media and video content across all service provider networks.

This product meets growth continues needs of international and mobile bandwidth consumption, targeting service providers in regions where bandwidth is limited or very expensive. Based on highly advanced caching technology, this new appliance allows to extend the range of services and respond to the demand from subscribers for online video, large file downloads and other rich content suitable for Web 2.0, with in parallel a more convivial user environment.

  • Bandwidth crisis

    In 2009, international Internet traffics knew a growth of 74%, while the service providers added some 9.5 térabits/second of new capacities of bandwidth - i.e. what the total of the capacities represented in 2007 (TeleGeography source). In spite of the constant contributions in capacity, the growth of Internet traffics however maintained the costs of bandwidth to an elevated level.

  • A principle of new generation cache

    The CacheFlow 5000 appliance operates a caching technology designed specifically for Web 2.0, especially for large files and rich content such as video. These contents were usually difficult to "cache", given their volumes and their dynamic nature. The CacheFlow appliances can eg hide and distribute content served from dynamically generated URLs, including content previously deemed "incachables". In addition, the CacheFlow appliance validates the updating of content before providing them to the subscriber, which ensures full consistency with the origin server.

  • CachePulse: a “cloud” type intelligence applied to the cache

    The appliance CacheFlow capitalizes on the new service Blue Coat CachePulse, Bluecoat Cache Pulse in order to get automatic updates based on network. This "cloud" service provides rules and instructions designed to precisely set the CacheFlow 5000 appliances to better meet the Web developments and generate significant bandwidth savings. Customers can also receive direct feedback from the CachePulse community, to identify new emerging sites in their region that could benefit from a more efficient cache.

  • A “shock absorber” of traffic Web

    In implementing CacheFlow 5000 appliances in their networks, service providers can adopt a "shock absorber" capable of absorbing the peaks observed during a temporary success of some sites. Thanks to its broadband design, the appliance has the ability to meet the demands of bandwidth savings on Internet peering points, as well as be deployed in specific areas to ensure the dorsal trafficking and distribution dynamic local content.

  • Web Security and Compliance

    The CacheFlow 5000 appliance also runs Blue Coat WebFilter the module to meet certain cultural and legislative requirements and eliminate online threats. The product can also support lists customers blocked or authorized, as well as third databases - in particular Internet list Watch Foundation.

  • The confidence and the experiment of a solution Blue Coat

    The new CacheFlow 5000 appliance is build on the experience of Blue Coat in partnership with major service providers and major telecom operators. Blue Coat worked with these players since its inception in 1996 under the name CacheFlow for now count the top ten global service providers among its customers. Blue Coat worked with these players since its inception in 1996 under the name CacheFlow for now count the top ten global service providers among its customers.

  • A new appliance dedicated to Internet Sservices Providers

    The CacheFlow 5000 Appliance is characterized by its Ethernet interfaces 1 and 10 Gigabits for high flow capacity, with the ability to upgrade to multi-Gigabit configurations via clustered caches farms. The appliances have been certified vis-à-vis large load balancing Layer 4-7 switches, including those offered by Brocade, Radware, A10 Networks, etc.