Founded in 2003, NetShieldis a private company, world leader in technology and products for new generation Network Access Control (NAC). Its passion to provide the easiest, fastest, most powerful and cost-effective technology to use, promotes increased partnerships and commercial success. The revolutionary technology NACwall, agent less and intended for BYOD environments, provides the most proactive market approach in terms of defense against internal intrusions. 
NetClarity products include a family of 1RU device specifically designed to strengthen networks and provide immediate threat assessment and response capabilities. These solutions ensure compliance with the most stringent regulations in thwarting malicious attempts to access network. They are scalable and cost-effective, suitable for both SMEs and larger companies having several hundred sites. 
The 4D® security experts service system – Detect, Deter, Defend, Defeat – is the most preventive and proactive approach to the market for protection against intruders. This solution is the real engine of EasyNAC licensed technology. With 12 patents issued or pending validations, NetClarity is firmly positioned as a leading innovator. 
Targeting various financial services market, clinics, health care, transportation, public services, education, retail and government, NetClarity’s technology was named one of the 20 most innovative technology solutions in 20 years. These markets are particularly concerned by both the commercial impact of a catastrophic breach of computer security and the need to demonstrate regulatory compliance. 
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